Monday, July 31, 2017

Question: What are your thoughts on the Ready Player One trailer?

I might just be a total fool, but I don't remember that big-ass chase scene from the book. Even if it's in there - or even symbolically in there - I didn't enjoy the trailer very much because that action scene in no way represents a single one of the great ideas/legitimate reasons to be interested in this adaptation.

I would have much preferred a throwback style trailer about old video games and his actual adventures in the Oasis while he's searching for...whatever spoilery Macguffin he's searching for.

I fear that they think this book was good because of all the random pop-culture elements, but that shit does not a story make. I also believe that nostalgia is far more powerful than CG bullshit.

Like most digital worlds, it will be hard to know how we accept them until we're completely surrounded, deep in the bowels of the film. Hopefully it won't be too distracting to our eyeholes, and they'll keep the focus on the great story.

Short Answer: Still lots of hope. I thought the real world looked awesome. If it veers more Stranger Things than first glance, I think it could still be great. I am a little worried that they're going to rush through the first act of the book to get to 'better stuff' and that would be a mistake.

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