Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Question: What are your favorite songs RIGHT NOW!???

Thanks for the three question marks. No doubt you're asking me a question. Also, you might have a capitals problem. You should probably look into cyber-anger management. It's better than anger management in real life because you can have a tab or two of porn open while taking the course.

I wonder what percentage of people have porn open on their computer when they're doing something else?


Well, not quite. But people love porn. Wish we all talked about it more. I don't watch anything overtly shameful, but I still feel weird if I start talking about a scene I just watched. And all the people at my cousin's wedding felt weird too, I guess.

Right now, huh? I guess you mean what's been stuck in my head as of late? Or what songs have I grown to have a new appreciation of? (This is a weird way to get something to listen to while you're masturbating, by the way. Or whatever you do on the internet while listening to music. Wink.)

Life on Mars by Bowie is always in my top tunes, and it's showed up again recently as I was comparing the original mix to the 2016 version. (I like the original. It's muddier.)

Been loving the music in Twin Peaks. Tarifa by Sharon Van Etten, She's Gone Away by Nine Inch Nails, and Shadow by Chromatics in particular.

Others stuffs:

Dry the Rain by the Beta Band
Day is Done by Nick Drake
I Wouldn't Want to be Like You by The Alan Parsons Project
River of Deceit by Mad Season
Little of Your Love by Haim
All Apologies by Nirvana

Short Answer: There you go. That's a nice little list of ten if you want to get into some me music today. Pretty sure it's all on the YouTube.

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