Saturday, July 1, 2017

Question: What are you doing for Canada Day?

I've decided to spend a little time with my international friends.

English friend...pints and kebabs?
Australian friend...a barbecue that starts with shrimp, then - if I understand correctly - grilled dingo with a baby stuffed inside?
French friend...cigarettes and baguettes?
Russian They really like vodka.
Mexican friend...wall-climbing class.
American friend...sitting down with different opinions but not having a civil conversation?
Swiss friend...chocolate watches!
Portuguese friend...boiled tripe and...tripe salad?
Scottish friend...haggis and no-underwear skirts?
Irish friend...potatoes and then no potatoes at all?
Canadian falls and guilt?
Chinese friend...suicide net construction?
Okinawan friend...waxing in various directions.
Japanese of all different levels of cookededness?
Italian friend...hand gestures and pasta with an aggressive sounding title that I have to eat a lot of or I'll insult an elder.
Greek friend...regular stuff but naked.
Dutch friend...getting high with hookers?
Indian friend...being too hot than cooking a meal for a cow?
South African friend...saying vitamins and aluminium a bunch?

Short Answer: Say what you want, stereotypes are funny. Unless want you want to say is, "Stereotypes aren't funny." Then, I guess, they aren't. For you in particular. Should I erase this and start a new Short Answer? Sounds like a lot of work. Hmmm...I wonder what will happen?

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