Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Question: Synthetic aperture radar or just fuck it and hike them salt domes?

Someone's about to be disappointed.

And by someone I mean everyone. I know what an SAR is, and I know what a salt dome is. That's it. I know those things. What this is in reference to, I do not know.

From what I can gather, there is some situation where you A) Hike over salt domes or B) Have the option to avoid them by using radar. The question becomes, why are you avoiding salt domes? Is this about expense in some way? I'm lost.

What a funny answer. Here's a question. Does this have something to do with mining? I'll wait.

...salt domes are pretty sometimes...I don't much like hiking...mountain x-ray...

No answer? That's cool. Figuring out how to answer me without the laws of time and space on your side is tough. Now you know how I felt when I read this question.

Short Answer: Aaaaaandd poop, boobs, poop poop boobs, poopy poopy poopy poopy pooopy poopy boobs.

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