Friday, July 14, 2017

Question: Pink versus Purple?

Stink or nurple?

That wasn't an answer. I just thought of it, and the sentence needed to exist. Where else were you going to read, 'stink or nurple' today? It was my duty.

I might be off base, here, but this makes me think about vaginas and penises. Pink is the defacto color of most lady parts, and purple the color of most to all wangers. This makes any versus scenario pretty tough, as both things work together to make a sploogey.

If this is supposed to be a women versus men question, you've barked up the wrong mixed metaphor with this dude. I have no desire to extend my toe into the lava pit that is gender/sex politics at the moment. Way too many sensitive, defensive crazy people out there.

So let's find some other ways to compare beaves and pokers.

One: The cootch is an inny, the ding-dong is an outie. Advantage snatch, because it's way easier to keep that in your pantaloons.

Two: The clam bleeds once a month, the cock only bleeds if something terrible is happening. Advantage wiener.

Three: Vags look pretty good. Hogs look super goofy. Advantage willy, 'cause goofy shit is the best.

Anything else important about the difference between pusses and dick? Probably not. Let's take the question from a true versus standpoint, and try to figure out which one would win in a fight. No, no, the minute I say this I realize I'm faced with a difficult question. Are the balls involved? Because advantage goes to the balls, am I right? Am I? Anyone? Mom?

Short Answer: I have no idea what this question meant, and I'm almost positive it was in no way about genitals. I like the color pink slightly more than the color purple, if that means anything to you. (The real truth is I like them about the same amount as I like 'getting them' at the same time. Get it? You get it.)

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