Sunday, July 23, 2017

Question: Jon's butt Rick?

I want to believe this happens rarely. I like to think that I 'get' things. That I'm down with the hep cats. That I'm in the know, in the now, and down with the relative sickness.

I have no idea what this means. My first thought was that it could be from the new season of Rick and Morty which I haven't yet seen, but googly-eye searches have found no proof of that.

My next thought was that this could be a question from one of my Newfie kin, possible referencing a town name. They have funny town names there. Example: Joe Batt's Arm. Further Example: Dildo.

Major John Buttrick did something in the Battle of Concord in 1775. Probably not related.

So here we are. I'm disappointed. You're salivating for comedy. And the poor person who asked this question probably thought, 'This is brilliant. No way he doesn't know what I'm saying.'

Now, to do my best with what we have. If Jon has a butt, and he named it Rick, Jon is hilarious. That's my opinion on that.

Short Answer: I don't think I've ever had less of clue what a question meant. Even when I get drunk-texted questions I can decipher some meaning. This one has baffled me.

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