Saturday, July 29, 2017

Question: I'm getting fed up with your attitude.....?

You're obviously a regular reader. I can tell because of the sneaky question mark. I'll assume you aren't questioning yourself, and just adhering to my rules.


I can also tell based on the mildness of the comment that you're not being serious. Here's the kind of question I get from people who don't like my blog. "You should fuck off and die, you talentless hack. Fuck you. I hope your sister gets ass cancer. Peace!"

So you're obviously not fed up with my attitude. And if you truly are, you should look inward and figure out why. Because my attitude is awesome.

Here's a sentence I've put together to describe my attitude, for people who don't know me and haven't read my blog.

Me: "I'd like to divorce my wife and marry a cartoon dog."

Short Answer: I like your attitude. I always have.

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