Sunday, July 2, 2017

Question: I don't think people like it when I tell them my dreams. You?

Way to turn a statement into a question at the last second.

Yea, I've noticed this. Sometimes that's because people are stupid and they don't realize their dreams aren't very complex or interesting. Other times, it's because dreams don't have much narrative structure, which is pretty crucial to storytelling.

Having said that, sometimes I have dreams that objectively seem a step crazier than most. Here's a recent one, broken down into into its simplest parts with little detail added.


Watching a concert with a friend, then get lost leaving. Let loose a plague of flies by opening an old tennis ball can. Get congratulated for our jiu-jitsu performance. Outside, they're arresting people. My friend gets taken, so I spend some days on the streets with a homeless person, just blending in.

Meanwhile in NFLD, I'm being given some strange, detective-like errands to accomplish. My new songs are a hit, and I'm trying to pick out a cute outfit while Sean Penn reads my poetry aloud to rave reviews. Finally, I text my uncle to let him know I'm in town.

We've established that people have crazy dreams, and retelling them is often boring and dumb. But this whole sequence struck me as special. It kinda felt like there was the opposite of narrative structure. At no point was anything explained. Nothing followed a logical path. It was a dream of situations, then emotions, then time passing, loosely held together by shifting locales. Again, that's not uncommon for dreams. But this, for me, was an excessive amount.

Let's recap.

Concerts, getting lost, starting a plague, receiving a compliment from a friend's father, jiu-jitsu, running from the cops, becoming homeless, writing a hit album, becoming a popular poet, trying on different belts to match my blouse, being a detective, the excitement of seeing my family.

In a row.

Now how the fuck am I supposed to look at that and trace where it all comes from?

Short Answer: I'm mad. If you read this and think, "I have dreams as crazy as this," then you're mad too. Let's get lunch.

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