Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Question: Yep, you nailed that one, didn't you?

You must be one of the many ladies I've had coital relations with, because that's the sort of thing those ladies say. (The men are more verbose but that's because I do butts good.)

Here are some other things I've heard:

"You really cleaned out the corners."
"Way to investigate the cave-mouth."
"Thanks for airing out the old box."
"I appreciate how you tided up after yourself."
"Nice hand jive."
"How many people were inside me?"
"That was efficient."
"It's like I got asked to the prom by a werewolf."
"Natural lubricant is for suckers."
"I feel like the paperboy just collected."
"The cellar door was ajar."
"That was a lot of chucks, woodchuck."
"In Soviet Russia, backdoor is left open for you."
"Camel tits!"
"I can't believe you ate the whole thing!"
"That felt slippier."

Short Answer: Some of these are real. I'm not kidding. Good luck figuring out which ones.

Bonus True or False: Three days ago, someone in my bed said the phrase, "Work 'em like their not yours."

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