Monday, June 19, 2017

Question: Why don't you be funny for twice in your life?

Let's put a stop to this.

You likely know that I answer every question sent to me. This means that you can safely send in a question and know I'm not judging its worth. I may poke fun during the answer, but at least I've given you the respect of taking your participation seriously and including your question on blog.

Yesterday I was asked 'Why don't you be funny for once in your life?" which I of course answered. Today, I'm answering this. If tomorrow, I receive "Why don't you be funny thrice in your life?" I will not be answering.

Though I will be impressed by the inclusion and use of the word 'thrice'.

Seeing that we're on the subject, here's another few questions I won't be answering.

'If you could make up noises for comic books actions, what new ones would you come up with?' - Brrrrunk didn't go over well with Marvel, so I've lost my confidence.

'What color underwear do you underwear?' - I won't answer this for two reasons. A) My underwear color is normal. B) This question is too funny already. I can't make it any better.

'When you have sex with your wife, do you ever film it?' - This is too dumb to think about. You film having sex with your girlfriend, mistress or favorite hooker, not with your wife. Ya idiot.

Short Answer: Have I just answered all those questions despite saying I wouldn't? Yes. Was I just trying to be funny in the first place? Yes. Did I ask myself this question today, turning everything you thought was real on its head? Of course maybe.

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