Friday, June 30, 2017

Question: What's the least possible me you can be?

How much butts would a buttchuck would if a wouldbutt could chuck butts?

Who couldn't sleep last night and has a chafed penis? (Points to himself with his penis.) This fuckin' guy!

Went down the YouHole last night watching videos of 'instant-karma'. Those are basically scenes of someone being a dick, then getting their come-uppins in a timely fashion. Like when I yell, "All Balls In!" and my wife totally gets furled up.

If this was exercising, I'd be out of breath right now. This is like a comedy shuttle-run.

What the fuck was the question? Oh yeah, I'm so tired I started writing without selecting a question. Now I have to go and find one that fits. Gimme a second. (Gone so long you actually feel the lapse of time, despite this sentence being only the usual amount of spaces away from the previous one.)

Did you guys know that some people just leave their car doors open? That guy is going to be so pissed when he realizes I put way too much gas in his tank! Pranks!

Oh yeah. A question. Did I do that or not? I guess you'll never know when I did it. Just like when I have sex with my wife.

Short Answer: This question is appropriate because this answer is the most me I can be, so by default, the least possible you. Fuckers!

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