Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Question: What movies make you cry?

I'm so sorry to disappoint. I get the feeling you wanted me to list some movies, maybe even do a top ten.

I cry in all the movies all the time. If a movie does a decent job making me care about the characters - which I believe is movie's first and most important job - then I will cry to some degree. If the movie is a heavy drama with relatable struggles, I'll cry multiple times. If a movie is well-made, full of emotion, and full of tragedy, I'll cry the whole time.

To list all the movies that make me cry would be similar to listing all of my favorite films, and that's an undertaking I'm not yet ready for.

I've even been known to cry in specific situations in movies that aren't otherwise very good. Anything about loyalty in a friendship, or love between a father and a son, or the struggle of being an artist, and I'm a leaking like a man recently shot in the bladder.

Short Answer: You know what movies don't make me cry? Movies that are trying to make me cry but don't put in the proper work. Just kidding. Those make me cry, too.

Note: If you want one example, I remember crying so hard at the end of V for Vendetta that when I left the theater I had to hover there for a little while, both to get my composure, and because I didn't want to leave the vicinity of the experience. I think rebellion against authority is a hot-button for my cry-sack.

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