Thursday, June 8, 2017

Question: What are your top ten Live Musical Performances?

I'm not trying to be a dick, but I'm not quite sure what this one means. Pretty sure it's not supposed to be, like, Guys and Dolls and shit. It could be favorite 'live' performances, like live albums and maybe even concert movies. It's most likely, I've decided, asking about the best performance I've seen live with my very own glazballs.

Top Ten Live Performances

10) Haywire - This was the first concert I ever went to! I was blown away, with nothing to compare it to. I think it was a pretty good show, in retrospect, especially for a few boys from Prince Edward Island.
9) Motorhead - Lemmy was as advertised. This concert might be higher, except it was by far the loudest concert I ever went to, and undoubtedly fucked up my hearing forever.
8) AC/DC - Another one that didn't disappoint. I've been very lucky over the years to see bands that should totally rock the house, that you want to sound a certain way, and they deliver on both fronts.
7) The Cure - This was a great show, save for the fact that I had to watch the chick in front of me dance the whole time, rather than seeing the stage.
6) Scorpions - Same show as #5, just me and my buddy Dan, pumping our fists to the greatness that is these fuckers. Got to see the drummer break a beer bottle over his head after his fat solo.
5) Motley Crue - Same show as #6 with more female nudity.
4) Grapes of Wrath - A bonding experience between my wife and I, as we both loved these guys when we were younger. I even got to meet them, which is a rare thing, because I hate meetings.
3) Megadeth - I might have listened to this concert sitting in the back with ear plugs in. I blame Motorhead.
2) Metallica - Finally got to see Metallica years after their 'prime'. It was for a concert movie, so they played all of their hits. Awesome.
1) David Bowie - I couldn't have asked for more from Bowie. He wore jeans and a leather jacket, hardly moved from the mic, and delivered each gigantic hit with exacting precision.

Short Answer: Shout out to the kindness of others. Over the years, many shows I've seen have been because a friend came to town and handed me an extra ticket. Either that or my wife refused sex-touching if I didn't accompany her. That's why I went to Glass Tiger, which is playing in the background right now, which is weird.

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