Monday, June 12, 2017

Question: What are some things we don't know about you that would surprise us?

Are you asking this question in a group?

That's pretty weak as 'picking on the question' openers go. I get that you're phrasing your question in such a way that it sounds like there are a community of readers with large enough fandom that it's right to assume they're all interested in me personally.

Thanks, Mom.

I like the movie The Devil Wears Prada.
I used to be an athlete, gifted due to my creativity.
My wife is older than I am.
I wear shoes until they fall apart.
I'm not a fan of people who sing with accents.
I'm bothered by sound.
I don't own a cardigan.
I wish the temperature was always between 16 and 18 degrees centigrade.
I'm sensitive enough that external negativity affects my mood.
I think the word 'darkness' is overused.
I'm programmed to always be editing, even when I'm not writing, so listening to people speak feels like work.
Riding the bus makes me sad.
I have about ten distinctive stress dreams. I'll suffer one approximately once a week.
I remember my page when I put a book down.
I don't like logistics.

Short Answer: As I grow older, my opinions are becoming more fluid, not more rigid as is the norm.

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