Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Question: Top Ten Stupid Words?

The capitals make it seem like it already exists, like there's no way I can dodge the question...


Do you mean words that stupid people say, or words that are used incorrectly, or words that just sound dumb? Maybe I'll try to do a list of each one to illustrate the differences.

Words Stupid People Say/Overuse

10) Basically
9) Junk
8) Essentially
7) Like
6) Listen/Look (when about to make a condescending point: double stupid)
5) Stuff
4) Actually
3) Whole Nother
2) Literally
1) You know

Words That Are Used Incorrectly

10) Nonplussed (means you're bothered)
9) Enormity (means bad, not big)
8) Conversate (not a word)
7) Peruse (means to look in depth)
6) Irregardless (not a word)
5) Effect (or Affect, take your pick)
4) Plethora (means an excess of things, not a lot of things)
3) Compelled (to be forced)
2) Bemused (confused, not amused)
1) Literally (often used instead of figuratively)

Words That Just Sound Dumb

10) Orientate (Why not orient?)
9) Poo (Sounds dumber than poop.)
8) Aggressiveness (Isn't that just aggression?)
7) Juxtaposition (You're looking for the word 'contrast', college student.)
6) Literally (Yes, I put this in every category.)
5) Booger (Maybe it's the two 'O's thing.)
4) Lovemaking (Worst word for that thing.)
3) Actually (I don't think it's possible to sound as dumb as when you say actually for no reason, like you're correcting an opposing opinion that no one has.)
2) Fleek/Cray-Cray/Lit/Woke... (Does this need to be explained? If you think you sound cool, you're beyond hope so don't worry about it. If you think these are dumb, and only you can use them in a cool, ironic way, you're beyond hope, so don't worry about it.)
1) Disingenuous (This is a weird one and needs some explanation. I thought this word meant presenting yourself as if you know something you don't, or know a lot of something that you know little of. Now it seems to be acceptable to use this word more broadly to mean 'not genuine'. Which is arguably still correct, but it sounds strange to me.)

Short Answer: I'm not judgy about this stuff. I'll participate in these conversations because the content is fun, but I completely understand that language is fluid, and the masses win out over our individual senses of right and wrong. I gave in to the nauseous/nauseated thing years ago, because I decided that battle was lost, and I say 'like' all the fuggin' time.


Correct: (1% of the time)
You look twenty! How old are you?
I'm actually seventeen.

Incorrect: (99% of the time)
How old are you?
I'm actually seventeen.

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