Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Question: I remember you mentioning one time that you get mad when you're riding a bus because you hate having to listen to people talk. I've been getting that a lot, lately. What's to be done?

Here's almost every conversation.

"Your opinion is wrong. Here's my opinion."
"No, your opinion is wrong. Allow me to restate my opinion."
"Maybe you didn't understand my opinion. It's the right one."
"Just listen. My opinion."

Apparently you have to have a genius level intellect these days to understand the simple concept that opinions don't mean shit. If you're not willing to back up your opinion with reasoning, factual evidence, and personal experience, you're just spewing shit for your own self-aggrandizement or to be a contrarian.

I don't care about your preferences. I care about the story, the details. That's what makes a topic of conversation, and therefore the person involved in said conversation, interesting.

To answer your question, what you should do, what we should all do, is try to talk to people and set a better example. Only that's as exhausting and frustrating as trying to fuck a bum with a half-limp wang.

Earbuds. That's what you do. I am listening to something other than the outside world nearly eighty percent of the time, these days. And the number is climbing. Sure I'm eventually going to get hit by a bus because I'm paying more attention to Joe Rogan and Bill Burr yucking it up it up than to my surroundings, but I choose to believe it's worth it.

Short Answer: Why is that your opinion? How did you come to it? What are the points supporting your position? Too often people claim things are worse than other things, rather than explaining why they have the preference they do. Forgot better and worse. Think of your opinion as the topic sentence, and now you have an essay to write, motherfucker. And if you don't like that, shut the fuck up.

Note: I've said this a million times, and I'm nearly tired of saying it. Conversations are far easier between people when you understand the difference between 'like' and 'good'. I like that movie is a fine thing to say. You don't always have to write an essay. Sometimes you just like a thing. Neat. But if you say, 'that movie isn't good' and I disagree, you'd better be ready for my reasoned argument. And then, you don't get to say some bullshit like, 'Oh, I just go to the movies for fun. I don't think about it that deeply.' Then don't fucking say it wasn't good! That's an indictment of its quality, not your personal opinion. You don't get to say whatever you want, use whatever words you want, and then be annoyed when someone responds negatively to you. You don't get to control my response! Everyone, listen up! You don't get to control anyone's response! Leave people alone and watch your own shit.

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