Thursday, June 15, 2017

Question: Are you British?

No I am not.

Are you British?

(Waits. Remembers how this works.)

Right. I am not British. I'm from Newfoundland, which is about as close to Britain as you can get, except of course for all those colonies where the British imposed themselves on the native population, making every fucker everywhere drink tea.

Seriously, though, NFLD is a whole lot of English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh. And you know what we did when we got together? Very little! We fished until they wouldn't let us, then complained because they couldn't stop us.

That doesn't sound very positive. Just like the British!

Short Answer: Let me see if I've got the British/NFLD connection right. The weather is shitty and we think we're better than you. Yep. Checks out.

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