Thursday, May 25, 2017

Question: I read a post you wrote while you were sick. Now I have a cold too, WTF, dude?!!

It's the power of the mind!

I think we all have a level of hypochondria in us. It's probably a leftover of healthy fear based on survival instincts. If I watch a movie with any kind of sickness in it, I start to feel that sickness.

I even started dressing like a woman when I saw Tootsie.

(This is a joke. I'm not calling cross-dressing a sickness. Chill out, fucking everyone.)

Another possibility is that my humor spreads like a sickness. You laugh, and eventually, you die!

The Blog That Killed Your Ass! That's the movie! Time for some crowdfunding.

Speaking of crowdfunding, I had a dream last night that me and a friend of mine were going to start crowdfunding our pseudo-modern-blaxploitation comedy Black Apollo. We found out that the name was already taken, and I thought we could change it to Black Jupiter. Then we decided, just Jupiter was better. Then I suggested we spell it Jupider, like 'stupider' been then we were afraid that people would pronounce it wrong. Then this chick who we'd planned to put in the show died!

That was to many thens, wasn't it?

Then...fuck off!

Short Answer: Seriously, I look good in that Tootsie outfit. I've got the shoulders for it.

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