Monday, May 22, 2017

Question: Ask Keith Anything! (The Blank Question)

Yesterday I brought up the point that I answer every question. This morning, I remembered this one, and I realized I had come very close to being a liar.

This 'statement' came through my on-blog contact form a couple of weeks ago, and I didn't register it as real. I thought it was a mistake, or someone had accidentally left the space blank.

And some of that is true. When someone asks me a question through the form, it begins with this. Ask Keith Anything! Then: the question. So someone actually did send me a blank form.

Did they send it on purpose? Or was it a mistake? If I'm to answer every 'question' and I'm to accept abstract ideas, and say grandiose things like 'every question is good' then I must accept this blank question. I must assume it was someone's chosen method of participation. To assume they are some dullard who erased their question right before sending it would be uncouth of me. (Though that's likely the case.)

So here's my answer to a blank question. You can't call a scary comedy a Rom-Com Spiritacular! Because A) Sub-genres can't have exclamation points and B) Go fuck yourself.

Has anyone ever called a movie a Rom-Com Spiritacular! No. Not to my knowledge. But there has been some pretty dumb shit. Even Zom-Com is too far for me. You can't name a comedy after the thing that's in the comedy. Then we'll have Meet-Coms and Mistaken Identity-Coms and Prom-Coms and Shyamalan-Coms and the list will never end.

Short Answer: (Blank Short Answer)

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