Sunday, May 21, 2017


Fuck you.

I've answered every question I've ever been asked on this site, but I considered ignoring this. You clearly don't want me to weigh in on the alphabet. You're being a stupid dick. You wanted to participate in my blog, but this was the best 'question' you could come up with? I know I've told people to their faces that they can ask anything they want, that there are no bad questions, but I was wrong. This is a bad question. What inspiration can I take from this other than the inspiration to shun you like a diseased animal?

So now everything has changed. Next time I'm at a social gathering, and someone says, "I read your blog all the time!" and then I say, "Have you ever asked a question?" and they say, "No. I can never think of a good one." Instead of being able to just say, "It's not the quality of the question that matters. I just need a shooting-off point. The content comes from the way I'm feeling and thinking at that particular moment, so you can't do anything wrong. Any question is good," I have to add, "except if you just write out the alphabet and put a question mark on it. That's for chodes."

You've altered my life. Though ever so slightly, it still angers me.

And if by some slim chance you actually are asking me my opinion about the alphabet, here it is. It's fine. I make words out of it, so it's pretty important to me, but I don't have any romantic feelings about it. So even if your question was intended to be real, it's still shitty because unlike the motherfucking dust on my floor or the dirt beneath my fingernails, it didn't inspire me one fucking bit.

Short Answer: Thanks for asking! Please, feel free to try again. Love ya.

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