Friday, April 7, 2017

Question: I've had an idea...hand shoes! Wanna get in on this?

Do I look like Dragon's Den? Or Shark Tank? Or...wait a second. Is 'wanna get in on this' a sexual thing, not a business thing? Do you want me to put No, it isn't a sexual thing? Is it maybe a sexual business thing, like, somehow I get paid for putting It's not that either? Fudge.

Well, now that all the fun has been wrung from this answer, I guess I'll address your invention.

Mittens. You're talking about mittens. Sure they might be hard mittens, but that's what they are. People won't want them, unless those people have feet for hands. That's too niche a market in my esteem.

Short Answer: How much crawling/standing on your hands do you do, man?

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