Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Question: Does anybody care about me?


I suppose it doesn't help that rather than any sort of altruism, I just selfishly thought, 'Can this eventual suicide be traced back to me?'

I assume someone cares about you. If they don't, you could always try caring about yourself. And even if you can't pull that off, killing yourself is hard work, so maybe don't go that far.

(I realize in no way have you mentioned killing yourself. If you are going down that route, would you mind putting in your suicide note that you'd thought of it before reading this blog post? Thanks a bunch.)

Parents care, even if they're dickbags. Other family members? Orphan...owners? Teachers who are the proper level of interested in their student's lives?

Lotta options. Lotta caring out there.

Is it getting awkward in here or is it just me?

Clearly I'm not a councillor. I'm not even sure if that's the right kind of counsellor.

Short Answer: Most people have more of a support system than they realize. Often, communication is what's lacking, not caring. So I encourage anyone who honestly feels the way you do to reach out. Speak to those around you and don't be ashamed about how you feel. Help will appear. And don't forget, we're all a little more awesome than we think we are.

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