Monday, April 17, 2017

Question: Are you going to celebrate Easter?

Does this still count as Easter? Am I late? Oh God, am I pregnant? Am I pregnant with Jesus's baby? Is that blasphemy? How many question marks are at my disposal? All of them?

What I'm about to do is awesome:

That's a link to a post from a few years back. In said post, I linked to older Easter-themed posts. That's right, I've officially got to the point where I can re-post an answer that already re-posted answers. A clip show within a clip show.

Eventually, this blog is going to begin writing itself. Is that where AI comes from? From AKA? That'd be sweet.

There. Now this is the normal kind of lazy post, where I find one thing that sort of addresses the question. That's both kinds of lazy. I feel I've really accomplished something here today.

Short Answer: Sometimes, at the end of 'lazy posts' I feel the desire to write something original, just to not be a piece of shit. That is all.

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