Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Question: What would you like to see in film?

More superheroes?

I kid. We have fun.

I'd like to see more original screenplays getting produced. This year, as an example of the way things have been going, is a shit-smorgasbord of remakes, redoes, re-ups, remakes and sequels.

Other than that? I'd like to see studios leave their creative talent alone to make their visions. How many stories have you read in the last two or three years about studio interference, reshoots and conflicts on set leading to firings (and eventually shitty products)?

Funny that I mentioned superheroes. As example of my point, look at either Fantastic Four or Suicide Squad. Two movies that were peppered with bad reports on set and in post, leading to horrible, life-sucking turds.

Now no-one really knows what goes on, but where there's smoke, there's probably too many chefs in the kitchen. (Does turning one cliché into another cliché make the use of cliché less clichéd?)

Short Answer: More nudity. Boobs, butts, dicks, all of it. And less scenes where someone gets out of bed, dragging the sheet with them to cover their nakedness, something that has never once happened in real life.

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