Sunday, March 19, 2017

Question: What is fear?

Fear is the mind-killer!

This question was asked of me yesterday by a friend. We were getting together to play the Dune board game, and I didn't have time to answer it before I left.

We play it once a year for a friend's birthday. It takes all day, and it's quite an event. Another friend even flew out from Calgary just to be part of the festivities this time around.

Apologies to the question-asker, who we totally screwed over by not explaining an important rule. Bad situation to play a game for six hours and find out you've been missing out on something important. Maybe we should play it more than once a year, so we don't forget things. Hard to get six people together for six-plus hours, even for something as fun as Dune.

Other than that rather large oversight, the game was a good one. The birthday boy almost pulled off a solo victory, which would have been a first. I'll probably keep reminding him how close he came all year, just to keep him humble.

Short Answer: The Calgarian won a hard-fought, allied victory with yours truly, which I thought was appropriate. He did pay to get there, and I hard-cry when I don't succeed.

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