Sunday, March 5, 2017

Question: What advice do you have for the minds behind the current DC Universe films?

First, this:

That's for the people who might get a kick out of me thinking that Suicide Squad was going to be good, and that the studio was going to leave David Ayer alone to make it work. Obviously before we found out all the crazy shit that went on, with all the 'six weeks to write a script' bullshit and the re-shoots and the whole giving a trailer company a chance to make a cut of the film.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Hire a creative with a vision, and leave them the fuck alone to make their movie! All this studio interference to set up extended universes is pointless if the movies are so shitty that the extended universe can't come together. Plus, the consistent flaws in the Marvel films - minor in scale as they may be - are because of all the set-ups for following movies. Yes they can be fun, but they hurt the standalone stories a little bit. That's fine if the movie is great to begin with, but those scenes in Batman-Martha-Superman were total garbage because they interrupted the pace and arc of a mediocre film.

Short Answer: Ayer's Suicide Squad has become the example of what not to do. I hope DC is paying attention.

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