Friday, March 17, 2017

Question: Nice work on the Fundrive!

'LA Lawn Lawyer! You need to do that deposition but you also have to water the hydrangeas!
LA Lawn Lawyer! You're approaching the computer but because you are a Kings fan, you want to take a wicked slap shot!
LA Lawn Lawyer! This is an actual dream you are having!'

That's called ignoring the fuck out of the question to get something crazy off your mind. I woke up this morning, nestled in the grey half-asleep, and this was occurring.

So what was the question?

Right. There wasn't a question.

Fuck you.


Fuck you.

(We did a telethon-like drive on the radio last night. I did do nice work. Go to: if you want to hear it. Or, go to the website,, to donate. I join the show at around the 30 minute mark.)

Short Answer: You can hear me ( and Jeff ( each and every week on Now We're Talking, at 6 o'clock on CiTR 101.9. All 28 episodes also available on ITunes.

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