Monday, March 20, 2017

Question: My husband keeps telling me that I'm not fat, but I know that I am getting fat. My old clothes aren't fitting properly, and I can see it in the mirror. I know he's trying to be nice, but I want him to stop lying. What can I do?

Maybe he isn't lying. Maybe he just doesn't pay attention when you speak. That's probably a larger problem.

Kinda like how you're a larger problem, now that you're a pig.

Feel better yet?

Here's the deal, happy meal, if you're getting fat and he doesn't give a fuck, that's probably a good thing. When it comes to me and my wife, whenever she shows concern over such things, I tell her the truth. No matter how fat you get, I'm still going to love you. But I'd like for you to be healthy, so you don't die. Creating and eating chocolate sandwiches is fine, but you can't eat chocolate sandwiches in the grave.

Or something like that. Honesty is important, but if you love someone, you don't care if their appearance changes. But you will care about their well-being, mind and body both. So if your husband really doesn't give a shit what you do, he might not love you at all.

Okay. So now you're a porker and you're unloved. I think I've done my work.

Short Answer: People care way too much about their weight and appearance. Don't let media and movies fool you; what you look like doesn't mean shit. Take care of yourself so you feel good in your head, and the rest will be fine. Being mentally healthy is what allows you to handle everyone's shit, including your dumbass husband's. (To answer the question directly, confront liars head on. If your husband isn't lying, he'll protest authentically. Then apologize for being a B, and back that ass up into his face, 'cause he loves your puddin'.)

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