Monday, March 13, 2017

Question: I picture you as a freakishly tall Hobbit. Am I close?

I'm not sure if I should be insulted. I'm pretty sure I'm not freakishly anything. Do I really sound freakish? I thought I sounded like a coquettish, be-mini-skirted, dumpling of a lady.

Let's see here. I don't have overly hairy feet, and I'm average-ish height. What else are Hobbits known for? I don't bring rings to specific places, and I don't live in a hole in the ground. I'm not particular British and I don't have dwarves showing up unannounced.

My best friend is a wizard, but I suppose that's not common to Hobbits in general, just the one.

It's interesting to think about how one is perceived, especially through writing. Do I sound like I have a unibrow? Like I have long balls? Like I'm an albino? Like I have a tattoo of lips kissing my right shoulder? Are all of these true? None of them? One, perhaps?

Short Answer: I'm a little bit tall. And maybe I look a little bit like a Hobbit. Though, I think I look more like a long dwarf.

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