Thursday, March 9, 2017

Question: I like when you say you're having sex with people's mothers, wives and siblings. Could you give me a taste?

Fuck you.

I didn't get much sleep last night. I couldn't fuck your mom right now if she paid me double.

Seriously, go fuck yourself. I can't just zing you if you want it. Unless I zing you in a different hole than you were expecting, but that's not cool. Even I wouldn't do that. Especially not to your sister, because she's way too good at sucking dicks.

Who else? Your wife? Yea. I fucked her too. Then I peed on her. 'Cause she's an idiot. Fuck her.

That good enough? what I said to all of them. They said, "Fuck yeah. Even though you're tired, and you had to stuff your soft, uninterested penis up inside us with your thumbs, it was still the best rogering we've ever received over the internet."

Short Answer: Fuck you.

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