Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Question: Could you write me a poem?

Here's a poem.

I was up all night having diarrhea and I'm not in the mood to write a fucking poem.

That poem was called, 'Fuck Off Thinking You're Important'.

I've got an idea. Why don't you send me a cheque, and then I'll use my most refined skill to do your idle bidding? Make sure it's a big one.

Short Answer: I think I might actually have a diarrhea hangover. It's like a regular hangover, only I don't have fuzzy memories of giving a sloppy blowjob and getting stains on my crewneck.

Note: Okay. Now I feel a bit bad. Here's your poem:

Roses are brown.
Violets are brown.
I spent all night on the toilet.
Get royally fucked, asshat.


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