Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Question: What have books taught you?

(Looking back on this post, I suppose there are potential SPOILERS. You've been warned.)

A Song of Ice and Fire: People die.
1984: Give up.
The Grapes of Wrath: Band names can be books, too.
American Psycho: Contrast.
Moby Dick: There are many kinds of whales.
War and Peace: Books can be weapons.
The Divine Comedy: Shit is considered gross.
The Great Gatsby: Some people pursue emptiness.
Madame Bovary: You can't have Bovary without ovary.
Lolita: You should read Harry Potter, not watch it.
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Racism is bad.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: Drugs are bad.
Bleak House: Titles can be accurate.
Jane Eyre: Propriety is worthless.
David Copperfield: Some books aren't about magicians.
The Metamorphosis: Get that looked at.
Oedipus: My mom is hot.
To Kill a Mockingbird: Humanity.
Paradise Lost: Good and evil is confusing.
Les Miserables: Books don't have singing.
Faust: Bartering is a waste of time.
The Scarlet Letter: Don't wear shame after Labor Day.
The Lord of the Rings: Friendship is precious.
Lord of the Flies: Asthma is a disadvantage.
A Farewell to Arms: You need someone else's help to wave goodbye to your arms.
Frankenstein: Books can be overrated.
Brave New World: Give up, harder.
The Count of Monte Cristo: Revenge is better than a sandwich.
It: Clowns are the best.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Assholes get what's comin'.

Short Answer: That's probably enough of that. Ask me for more if you want.

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