Saturday, February 4, 2017

Question: What are some things you would like to see happen in 2017?

Geez, I hate making things about Trump, but, it's hard to avoid him.

Just take a step back and think of one thing he's done. For example, tweeting negatively at the judge trying to block his immigration ban. Think of how diplomatic any former president would be in handling this situation. Think of how well thought out and controlled the handling of delicate things have to be. Now think of how Trump is completely oblivious to all propriety and manners, and how savage and childish he is in the way he handles everything and everyone. Now stop thinking about that, because it hurts brains.

So my first answer to your question is I'd like to see that change. It's only February and I'm sick to my stomach with this guy. Now some story has come out that he want's 'women' to dress like 'women' at the White House? Fuck this guy. Seriously, fuck this guy. I've already had enough. Get him the fuck out of there.

One more. I would like to see Kellyway Conman go the fuck away, too. Or at least get exposed for the idiotic, bullshitting crypt-keeper that she is. It's not okay to have a person like this in the spotlight, leading the stupid down the road to destruction. These are power mongers; they don't care about the people of America, or they wouldn't have 'confusion' as part of their strategy. A real thing, that. This administration wants to keep you confused, angry, and cheering into your trough.

I'm not going to get to anything else, am I? Fuck. I'm so tired of this, and in such a short time. It's unbelievable. I want to leave it alone forever, hide in my blanket fort and never hear his name again. But if we all do that, who knows what the fuck is going to happen?

Short Answer: This is as feared. A four-year battle, on all fronts, to retain common decency among human beings. Good luck to all in 2017. All of my personal goals seem a little petty compared to the possible horrors of this administration. The real question is, how long will it take to repair the damage?

Note: I am not an alarmist. Even a month ago, had I seen a post like this, I'd have thought it a little harsh. Right up until he became President, I still though it probably wouldn't change all that much, that he wouldn't be this much of a piece of shit. I was wrong. Anyone who still thinks we should 'see what he does next' has not had the tale of history told to them. Time to educate the uneducated about this slippery slope, everyone. Trying to suppress and control the media with intimidation and confusion is only one of the things that triggers alarms. The fact that there's more than one is bad, bad news.

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