Monday, February 13, 2017

Question: Tribute Band Names?

The Pre-Fab Four
The Whom
The Stepmamas and Papas
The Policemen
Panic at a Neighboring Disco
The Pretend Pretenders
Pearl Sham
In a Rush Tribute Band
Mountebank Wilco

Wow. That's a lot harder than it looks. Here are some real ones that are pretty amazing:

Proxy Music
Fake That
Slack Babbath
The Faux Fighters

Short Answer: I think there is a lot of humour to be mined if you already know the band in question. (Example: You know it's Grapes of Wrath, so you call your band a different Steinbeck book. Cannery Row, perhaps?) Also, taking references from a band's albums and songs makes for good tribute names. Like, Life On Mars as a Bowie act, or Never Say Die for Sabbath.

Note: I've got a friend who's in the best Aerosmith tribute band that ever existed. It's called Aerosmith Rocks. Worth the price of admission, methinks.

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