Saturday, February 11, 2017

Question: My mailman sucks at putting mail through my slot. How does this need to be addressed?

So many things. Firstly, this: "If the mailman is too flirty, try giving him what he wants. A faceful of furry ballmeat."

That's a thing I said once.

Next. Addressed? I will assume this amazing pun is not an accident. Good job. (Wait, is that a pun? If not, what is that?)

Finally, let's address the mailman in the room. Through your slot? If you want to fuck him, just fuck him. I'm sure he'd really like it. Just slip off those tiny little shorts and take a pull on his busy little ween.

If you're serious, I guess you could just ask him to be more careful. Then you're that guy. Ugh.

Short Answer: I don't try to correct anyone who has a purposeful walk.

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