Monday, January 23, 2017

Question: What's the deal with airline food?

If this isn't a serious question, I get it. You're making fun of observational humor. We good?

If it is, airline food is kind of interesting. Because the perception of sweet and salty can drop up to 30 percent at high altitudes, airline food can taste bland. I've heard of some airline catering companies that actually over-season their food to try to make up for this. In addition, the cabin pressure dries out our olfactory senses, making it harder to taste properly. Then, we don't drink water on planes. We tend to drink alcohol, which adds to all the dehydrating effects.

That's pretty much why your chicken breast tastes like drywall.

Short Answer: I've always thought the only real purpose of airline food was to break up a long fight. You can't go out for a smoke or tug one off - at least not in your seat - so you get happy about meal time, even if the food does taste like the underside of a flip-flop.

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