Sunday, January 22, 2017

Question: What do you smell like?

Is that two smell questions in a row?

I'm a lucky guy!

What I Smell Like - Possibilities:

A leather satchel filled with pico de gallo
Sandalwood soaked in vinegar
Pickle juice and strawberry lip gloss
A dolphin's anus
Root beer and asparagus pee
A homeless man's upper lip
A battlefield infirmary unconventionally placed inside a tire factory
Lion's breath and tiger milk
A balut egg doused in green tabasco
The inside of a leotard worn by a middle-aged woman recently shot from a cannon.
Fresh tennis balls
Diarrhea submarine
An empty movie theater with a hint of post-rain air
An old wig left in a shoebox with old shoes
The recently depressed pump on a pair of Reebok Pumps
The sea a half-kilometer away from a rotting whale carcass
Like someone who missed a bit when they wiped
Nipple tape

Short Answer: One of these is accurate. Also, Diarrhea Submarine is a good name for a band.

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