Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Question: What do you do when you're not in the mood?

I make a big, fat frowny-face.

Is this a sex question? Sometimes I make questions into sex questions just for funsies, but I try not to take a totally non-sex question and misinterpret it by accident.

So I'm going to assume this isn't a sex question. You can get your sex-type answers anywhere. For example, this post, which I found while checking to see if I'd answered your question before:

I hadn't.

When I'm not in the mood, I tend to huddle. Not with all my fat friends like in football, but by myself, locked in my house, with a blanket on and no pants. If I'm not in the mood to write the blog - in case that's what you were asking - I try to choose a question that evokes a curt response. Yes or no questions suffice, or questions that piss me off, or questions I'll never want to answer in a lengthy manner.

I'm rarely in a bad mood, so I try to remind myself that it will pass, and I should allow myself the natural response. I might play video games, or eat take-out, or masturbate once more than my regular average of 'one-half times to one time'.

Short Answer: I guess I'm just like everybody else in this regard. Which makes me sick to my stomach!

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