Monday, January 9, 2017

Question: Question: Question: Question:

This is a dirty trick I would never have thought of.

It looks like there's some sort of error, which may keep people from reading whatever I write in response. Was this your intention? If so, you're some special kind of ugly dick, sir.

So I suppose I'm to assume that people aren't reading this, so I guess it's a good time to write about something that people don't want to read about.

I really wish poetry was more of a thing. I wish more people wrote it and shared it. But I also wish - hypocritical as it may be - that more people read poetry, studied it, talked about it and understood it, so that when they share their own, it doesn't suck dry balls. I wish there was a culture for it, so I could feel part of that culture, rather than feeling like a one-to-three man show.

I've had the most publications and made the most money off of poetry out of all my career endeavors. As a writer, it's accurate to classify me as a poet, and as a career creative, it's accurate to say poetry is my primary occupation. And yet I feel alone in that pursuit, and the fact that it's unpopular makes attaining wealth near impossible.

Let me say it this way, simply. The thing that people most seem to think I'm good at, if metrics like open wallets mean anything, is something that I'll never be able to do for a living. Some people do live as poets, but the chance of being one of those few folks is slimmer than most sexy cigarettes. I'd have a better chance becoming a runway model. I've got the hips for it, don't laugh.

Luckily it's not my dream. My dream is to be a novelist. This, by some, would also be considered a pipedream, and yet I see it as having a much larger chance of success. I find this strange. Poetry is such a large part of our written history, something that was much more respected and beloved before our dastardly modern age. As a fan, I'm not sure where it went. As a realist, I totally get it.

I have no solution. I just think the idea that anyone could fall in love with an old, dying thing, and choose to pursue it, and the result could be a life of poverty and unfulfilled dreams is a terrible, tragic occurrence. Even though it isn't my ultimate goal, there are people who dream of being poets, and those dreams are - appropriately - the saddest dreams.

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