Saturday, January 28, 2017

Question: Funt?

Percentages dictate it is usually advantageous to funt, at least on pourth down.

Is that good enough? Probably not.

All right.

Things Funt Might Mean:

Fucking Cunt
Fumbled Punt
Foul Bunt
Fox Hunt
Festive Bundt
Fastidious Grunt
Failing Shunt
Free-balling Runt (you know who you are)
Fantastic Stunt
Fornication Sprunt

Short Answer: Sprunt is an old Scottish word that means 'chasing women around haystacks after dark'. My version is high stakes. "Boys, let's funt these bitches!" (For the sensitive out there, the women in this joke are totally into being funted. I mean what girls don't love a good funting?)

Note: You know who you are.

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