Monday, January 30, 2017

Question: ASDF?

You win the award for the laziest fucking question of all time.

Some of you out there may be fooled. Because there are over a dozen, relatively well-known usages for this acronym, you may be thinking that I'm missing the point.

Fuck that. I know you people! This isn't some shit about air self-defense or secure file space or average square difference function. This is the home row for your left hand on a keyboard.

The fact that you bothered to capitalize the letters is a nice touch. That makes it seem like you had to shift with each character typed. But I'm onto you, motherfucker! You just left the caps lock on! Faaaaaaaaaauck you!

My answer to you, with even less effort, is: jkl;.

Short Answer: Tesseradecades, aftercataracts and sweaterdresses. That's called fighting fire with fire, bitch!

Note: Didn't get this? These are the longest - and therefore most impressive - words you can type while solely using your left hand on the keyboard. If you got this without the note, give yourself a handjob. You've earned it!

Double Note: I also have a lollipop monopoly, for those who are interested.

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