Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Question: Are you into trolling?

Where I grew up, trolling meant putting your fishing line over the backside of a moving boat. So, a little.

Where I grew up, trolling meant trying to expose huge, stinky monsters to the light so they'd turn to stone before they got a chance to club you and eat your bones. So, a little.

Hmmmm. I guess this isn't one I can easily avoid. Did you know that I thought trolling was harmless at first? To me, trolling is making an off-color joke, or a joke of contrast, in an attempt to be funny. Like if someone posts a pretty picture, you say, 'Yuck', something I actually did just the other day. But to most people, that's not what trolling means, I'm sad to discover. It means being a mean dick.

So the answer is yes and no. By my own definition, I think there's a time and place to be a facetious little troll, poking and prodding at the edges of society like a masked, stand-up comedian, reflecting norms back onto people with a little lunacy. But the being a dick kind of trolling, where you say hateful things because you have no other outlet for spewing your demons? That shit's fucking weak. Weak in principal and weak in character. There's really no need to be a dick in any forum.

Short Answer: The idea that part of trolling is trying to offend someone is becoming totally lost, now that people are offended by almost anything and everything anyway. With the level of sensitivity as high as it is, everyone's a troll and a mark, at the same time all the time. It's gotten pretty ridiculous. Next time you get offended by something, don't even think about what the person's motivation might have been; just assume it was positive. Assume they were being silly, or that they made their comment in a whacky voice. Ease off the pedal that you've stomped down on that says you can understand everyone else's intentions through words alone. Let me tell you, most people can't voice how they feel through words. That's why writing is so hard. So chill the fuck out, dudes.

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