Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Question: What does your Christmas movie lineup look like this year?

Haven't really gotten into it yet.

Here's the best of list I did in 2013. Don't think it's changed much.


Last few years we've been really into doing the A Christmas Story/Black Christmas double-header, both directed by Bob Clark.

We almost always watch Merry Christmas Charlie Brown, just for that super odd, nearly depressing song. And the wife usually pushes Rudolph and I escape out a side door. We almost always do Elf, Scrooged and either Bad Santa or National Lampoon. And this year we're doing a traditional Christmas Eve with my father, so there'll probably be a Grinch siting.

Might be a Die Hard year. And a Blackadder year, if I can find the damn thing.

Short Answer: Fave Scenes:


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