Friday, December 2, 2016

Question: I just read one of your older posts and I felt like it necessitated a question more so than a comment. On your post about the term 'ass-backwards' you say that someone 'growls and groans like a masturbating sheepdog'. Do you have experience with dog masturbation?

I'm assuming this is a long-time reader, first time question-asker. Thanks for reading the show!

No I don't fucking have experience with dog masturbation! I mean, what kind of experience could I possibly have? If I jacked off a terrier it wouldn't be dog masturbation, you idiot!

I've watched videos of dogs masturbating just about as much as the next curious guy, but that doesn't count as experience, and I sure as hell have never seen a sheepdog doing it.

Oh, by the way:

That's the post we're talking about. I thought the more poignant stuff in here was the anal sex, but I guess that wasn't your thing. You wanted to focus on the dog masturbation. What's with you, man? You make your mom proud with those mouth kisses! Or something!

Short Answer: Seriously, thanks for participating. We'll hear from you again, I'm sure of it.

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