Sunday, December 11, 2016

Question: How would you sum up 2016?

Old white guys take one last shot at the brass ring?

American icons die in a prelude to America itself taking a near fatal blow?

Uninformed morons propagate terrible hatred?

Everyone gets offended?

Freedom of speech gets confused with fear of criticism?

Racists take it out for a stroll?

America votes Orange, then realizes they've voted Green?, that's all pretty negative. I know people have been saying that 2016 sucked, but I never really thought about it. How can a whole year suck? And yet, with all the deaths and Brexits and Trumpstains, it's hard not to see it upon review.

To battle all this negativity, here are some of the good things about 2016:

I had sex with my wife over seven times.

Short Answer: That is all.

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