Monday, November 14, 2016

Question: Super tired of politics...can you talk about anything else? get a poem.

Dreaming active of the day that I am
special like tides of refuse near the edge of joy

Walking into situations blessed with nary
a thought of consequence and costing those engaged

Having to differentiate myself from all
that is to keep my head above the murk of dreams

Accepting the responsibility of a thousand moments
passed over, a million needs unmet for all the conscientious

In honor of the fallen men, in honor of the reaching girls,
in dignity with spurned remorse, in horror of the present course

In step with terror at our sleeves, inferior in thoughts and deeds,
in dignity with earned remorse, in horror of the present course

Short Answer: Hope Must First Fall Eternal

Note: Fooled you! Still politics, motherfucker! (Don't worry. I'm tired of it, too.)

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