Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Question: President Trump! Suck it, liberals!

Preparing to suck it, sir. Is there anything else you need?

My instinct at this moment is humour, which may piss some people off because they want to be sad, and that's fine, but, ya know, fartbutts!

I'll say one thing. Calling out huge groups of people as liberals or conservatives is dumb. We're all complex fuckers. The divisiveness is probably the most troubling thing about America right now.

Having said that, you won. Gloat if you want; I've been known to do a victory dance or three. But don't forget how you won. Don't forget where your votes came from, and what really happened here in terms of policy, lack of facts, deceit, xenophobia and the riling up of negative emotions. This isn't so much a liberal loss or a conservative victory as it is a fear victory, a victory for the power of incitement, and a victory fuelled by a call for change where no change was necessarily needed. This victory preyed on the baser parts of people, and it's important that we remember that fact moving forward. Now we get to see if that change is good for the country and the world.

If it turns out you're right, and this sort of change makes the world better, I'll be right there dancing with you.

Short Answer: Let's just say I'm not breaking out my dancing shoes anytime soon.

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