Saturday, November 26, 2016

Question: A man steps out of the twilight zone and offers you the greatest vacation you could imagine, catch? No one including you will ever remember it and from what you can tell no time even goes by. It's just lost to time... do you do it anyway?

I bet you thought this made sense, didn't you? I bet you thought I'd understand what you were saying, and answer you in one of the ways you envisioned.

This did not happen. Prepare to have your dreams crushed and your expectations remain unfulfilled.

I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about.

Who steps out of the Twilight Zone? Weren't we in it all along? Why did you say 'catch' at the end of your first statement? Were you throwing me a ball? Was it your way of saying 'ya dig?'

If I won't remember it, won't it be just like I blinked and it was over? Won't I be standing right there, wondering how the fuck someone who 'stepped out of the twilight zone' just offered me a vacation that never happened?

What's the point of doing it if I have no memory of it whatsoever? The value of it is lessened to the point that my concern I'd contract Hepatitis outweighs any fun I might have in the moment. (And just to be clear, my 'perfect' vacation would involve a lot more possible disease contractions, mostly of the STD variety. The kind you get from wildlife if that's a thing.)

Okay, just by breaking it down I think I'm starting to understand. This is a question about whether or not a thing has merit in the moment if you're not going to remember it later. My answer to that is yes, because memory is unreliable, and living in the now is the total shit. So to further that thought, yes, I would take that man up on his vacation, so long as I didn't contract syphilis or grow any older.

Short Answer: Are you still trying to make 'catch' a thing? (Also, we should totally encourage all those jackasses who take vacations to kill endangered species to fuck those animals instead of shooting them. That way, everybody wins. Unless, of course, somehow they manage to impregnate the animals and create a super-hybrid jackass species intent on fucking and killing inappropriate things, like humans. That could be trouble. Did I make fun of you earlier for not making any sense? My bad.)

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