Sunday, November 27, 2016

Question: I had sex with your wife!

Seinfeld was funny.

This, however, is probably not about that. Because my wife has sex with so many people, it would be silly and presumptuous of me to assume this is a throw away. There's a good chance you actually did have sex with my wife.

Which one were you?

Bored in the Staples' bathroom?
Guy who said he was a hockey player at the bus stop?
Homeless man with 'nice hair'?
That chick from down the hall who likes the Bangles?
Any black guy?

Short Answer: My wife spreads a lot of joy. Who am I to interfere? She still keeps a special hole for me. It's the one she makes with her finger and thumb. Did you think I meant the butt? No, no, no. She does anal with almost everyone she meets. What a lady!

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