Friday, November 18, 2016

Question: #DetectiveNovels

Wash, Rinse...Die!
You Only Murder Once
The Paleo Diet Killer
Knock, Knock. Who's There? Murder!
Wash, Die...Repeat!
Aren't You Glad I Didn't Say Murder?
It's Always in the Last Place you Die
Don't Look A Gift Murder in the Murder
Murder, Rinse...Repeat!
I'm With Stupid and He's Going to Kill You
Shake Off the Blood
The Power Bottom Driller
There Once Was a Dead Man from Nantucket
There's a Place in France Where the Naked Women are Murdered
With This Murder, I Thee Wed
Die Before C, Except After Murder
If You Can't Kill Anything Nice, Don't Kill Anything at All
A Knife in the Back is Worth Two in the Front
The Murder Clown Murders
If A Tree Falls in the Forest and Lands on Someone...Is it Murder?
The Early Bird Gets the Noose
People Kill People...With Murder!
Nothing Killed, Nothing Gained
Why Did the Murderer Cross the Road?
A Place for Dying, and Dying in its Place
That Guy Who Killed Those Dudes
Murder is 20/20
The Sexual Predator Summer Camp Murders
Hey! You! Got off of My Corpse!

Short Answer: Anyone else think I was going to write: A Knife in the Back is Worth Two in the Bush? 'Cause that's gross.

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